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May 23, 2020

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Our Precision Appliance team was recently called out to help with a Sub-Zero repair in Bay Ridge Brooklyn
If you look closely at the model number tag photo above, you should see "Jul 95"

That means Sub-Zero completed manufacturing of this specific refrigerator in July of 1995.  
"If it's good, it will last.  If it's not, it won't."  

**25 years of run time for a refrigerator is considered excellent - In the appliance repair world.  

We would like to note this does not mean there was no need for repair at all in that time frame but rather when things broke - repair was preferred, cost effective and worthwhile during the 25 years.  

In this photo you should see the large black freezer compressor on the left with the starting device wiring.

In the middle you will notice the two copper filter dryers for appliance (refrigerator & freezer)

If you direct your attention to the right you can see the smaller black refrigerator compressor.  

The freezer compressor is typically larger since it needs to do a bit more cooling work than the refrigerator (Freezer Temps -5 to +5 Refrigerator Temps: 35-42 degrees Fahrenheit)

Sub-Zero is known for giving their clients two independent refrigeration systems for quite some time now.  

We love working with this refrigerator design because it provides temperature control that goes nearly unparalleled in the appliance world. 

Want to learn more about Sub-zero and a common Brooklyn refrigerator repair myth we help bust?

If you or anybody you know has a Sub-Zero refrigerator that is no longer cooling, not starting or simply needs an appliance repair in Brooklyn, please reach out to us by phone at 718-266-2545.  

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We can also help with refrigerator repair in Park Slope, Williamsburg, Carroll Gardens and many other Brooklyn neighborhoods too!

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If you have a refrigerator in Brooklyn NY that is not working remember:
"This too shall pass."
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