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"My refrigerator is not cooling, it needs a shot of freon."

If you're ready to get a better understanding why you likely don't need freon and the above statement is a myth, buckle up.

Freon is a brand name of refrigerant. 

R-134a (AKA refrigerant #134a) is the chemical home appliance manufacturers have used for the last 20-30 years in home refrigerators.

Household refrigerators are critical charge systems.

A small refrigerant leak in a home refrigerator can be critical to it's proper function

Every bit of refrigerant is important to a household refrigerator

(Sub-Zero Refrigerator Leaking Refrigerant) 

Improper checking of "freon levels" can be enough to cause temperature problems

The Sub-Zero seen in this photo needed refrigerant but also needed an evaporator

Without replacing the evaporator (component that was actually leaking) this unit would likely only work for a short while before re-experiencing temperature problems

Large roof top Air Conditioning / refrigeration systems wont miss a few ounces of refrigerant

Home appliances however like this Sub-Zero refrigerator only holds 4.5OZ total.  Losing 3.0 Ounces will mean no cooling shortly after


90% of refrigerator repairs are electrical and not refrigerant (Freon) related.

That means chances are high you don't need a shot of freon but rather something electrical and more cost effective

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