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Bosch Axxis Repairs Brooklyn NY

Bosch Axxis Washer Repair 24"

Bosch Axxis Washer Repair Carrol Gardens Brooklyn & Brooklyn Heights

Bosch & Brooklyn Apartments in 2019 seem to go hand in hand.  Brooklyn NY is known for many things including in-unit compact laundry, like the popular Bosch Axxis Washer. 

Stacked Axxis Washer/Dryer


In this photo  our team removed the stacked Bosch Axxis dryer from the top of the matching washing machine below so we can gain proper access for the needed repair.  

Bosch Axxis Dryer Repair


The Bosch Axxis 24" dryer not only stacks real well on top of the Bosch Axxis washer but it also is the condensation dryer used most regularly in Brooklyn by developers.  Since it is so widely used, Precision Appliance is happy to say we are well trained on how to repair the Bosch Axxis Washer and Dryer.

Axxis E# / Model Number

Bosch Axxis Washer Repair Park Slope 11215 - WAT28400UC

When looking to make Bosch repairs you will need to know your Model # / E-Nr.  The Model number or E-Nr is often found on the inside of your Bosch Axxis Washer / Dryer door.  Having this information available when you call or contact online, will enable us to pull repair tech information and lookup possible parts before we come to your home.

Error Codes & Bosch Repairs

Bosch Dryer Repair Brooklyn -  f:03 Error Code

If your Bosch Condensation dryer is not drying you may have noticed an error code flashing on the display panel of your appliance.  Bosch Axxis Dryers are often set from the factory to alert the homeowner when the unit notices an operational error.  Two common error codes on the Bosch Axxis platform are F:03 and F:09.  If you noticed either of those two error codes on your Bosch Appliances, we want to help you with your Bosch repairs today :)

Monthly Maintenance

Appliance Repair Brooklyn - Thank You

Appliance Reminder-  Ventless Bosch Axxis Dryers require a bit of monthly maintenance.  The large access panel on the lower left of your dryer is the cover for the heat exchanger.  Bosch advises that you should clean it at least 1x per month.  Keeping this component cleaned monthly will help keep your dryer heating well when you need it.  Watch this quick video showing you how to clean the Bosch Axxis Dryer Heat Exchanger 

Precision Appliance Knows Bosch Repairs

Bosch Appliances are known to be a staple in the high end sector of the luxury premium appliance brands.  Many of the Park Slope, Fort Greene and Williamsburg Brooklyn New York residential developers continue to build with stacked 24" condensation ventless Bosch dryers for in-unit laundry.  Bosch Appliances have been their trusted choice in Brooklyn NY for nearly 10 years.

The unique Bosch Axxis design continues to offer great benefits to the owner and solve many building requirements for residents in Brooklyn such as ventless exhaust and stacking capability. 

While Bosch Appliances are a multi-unit developer constant, Bosch repairs actually are not offered by a large number of appliance repair service companies in Brooklyn.  The Bosch Axxis washing machine is a new concept to the laundry industry as a whole and therefore repair knowledge is not as widespread for appliance repair service companies.  Bosch uses both brushed DC motors and electronically controlled Variable Frequency Drive systems to control their RPM speed.   Both of these systems require specialized skill and tools when it comes to repairs, along with access to Bosch diagnostic test modes, schematic and wiring diagrams.


Computer controlled appliances are becoming the standard in the industry for a variety of reasons.  The largest reason Appliances today will utilize electronics is often attributed to improved energy efficiency desires.  Bosch like many brands have latched on to this new trend with their appliances. 


Precision Appliance typically has Bosch repairs on the schedule weekly if not daily.  Our company has access to the needed technical information, stocks some of the most common Bosch Axxis repair replacement parts and has the tools to get the job done right, even if the unit is stacked.  Our company has become so proficient at Bosch repairs we even replace the washing machine door seal / front load washer door gasket without having to remove your Axxis dryer from the stacked position.  

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Bosch Axxis Repair Brooklyn

Bosch Axxis Repair Brooklyn

Bosch Axxis Repair in Action


Bosch Axxis Dryer Repair - wte86300uc

Hey Brooklyn, care to know what the inside of a Bosch Axxis looks like?